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It starts with a dream. Chad and Danielle have dedicated their lives to that dream, in pioneering their organizations with a shared mission of nurturing leadership. "When your vision is written in your heart, your faith increases to achieve it” – Danielle Reyes


Wealth and Legacy Group

Tax Efficient. Legacy Minded. FAMILY FIRST.

Wealth and Legacy Group are here to serve families who have an intentional desire to move from success to significance. We guide successful entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and families through this unique experience of generational planning and advisement with our dedicated team of experts. Fulfilling the vision for your wealth and loved ones is our highest priority.

Wealth and Legacy Group

Lions Pride Leadership

Awaken, Empower, Equip.

Lions Pride Leadership provides Leadership Development & Business Coaching for growth minded entrepreneurs and corporate Teams. We do so by providing single and group coaching sessions, tailored membership packages, and keynote speaking engagements that shift the perspective of how you can improve your leadership and business tactics. ​Our business model is driven by our passion for business and our love for people.

Lions Pride Leadership

I Am Empowering

Empower. Equip. Transform.

I am Empowering mission is to equip future leaders and transform communities. We do this by nurturing the leadership and entrepreneurial gifts of our youth in partnering with the department of education (DOE), community leaders, and elected officials to create youth programs, work shops and opportunities for the next generation to grow and thrive.

Our heart for the next generation is to give them what they need to become the transformative future leaders of tomorrow.

I Am Empowering

Al Matrix Solutions

Chad and Danielle Reyes with Elijah Low embark on a visionary journey of Artificial Intelligence by creating "Built for Al" with the dream of utilizing Al's potential for the greater good. They have a deep conviction that Al can create easier paths in building company structures, operations, and missions within the fast growing pace of tomorrow. Fostering a global understanding of its positive transformative power, belief that technology, when ruled with good values and leadership development, could aid humanity in its evolution of culture and mission to make the world a better place. 

Built For Ai

Community Transformation


Building a Bridge to a Brighter Future 

In partnership with the Maxwell Leadership Foundation, Chad and Danielle Reyes initiate "Transformation Tables" for the community and Educational leaders of Staten Island, NY. They do so by introducing a 12-week program that initiates small steps that lead to significant impact in reshaping individuals, families, and businesses. Community Transformation fosters a culture of positive, measurable change with meaningful self ­reflection-one table at a time.

Community Transformation
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